2002 AGILIENT PHILIPS L7535 / 23159A Linear Array Vas. Ultrasound Probe (6776)

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2002 Agilient Philips L7535 Linear Probe - FOR SALE

Explore our collection at DIAGNOSTIC ULTRASOUND MACHINES FOR SALE and find the 2002 Agilient Philips L7535 / 23159A Linear Array Vas. Ultrasound Probe. This device is a pre-owned treasure that has been meticulously checked and maintained to ensure its prime operational condition, despite minimal signs of cosmetic wear.

Product Condition: Gently used, with all functions tested and intact. You will receive it in a state ready for immediate professional use, ensuring reliability for all your diagnostic needs. Our detailed seller notes and high-resolution images provide an accurate depiction of its condition.

Brand Excellence: Crafted by HP, a trusted name in medical technology, this model is a testament to durability and precision.

Origin: Proudly manufactured in the United States.

Model Information: The L7535 model is well-recognized for its robust performance. Please note that the MPN is unspecified, highlighting its unique status on the market.

Invest in this valuable diagnostic tool and elevate your medical practice with DIAGNOSTIC ULTRASOUND MACHINES FOR SALE's commitment to quality.

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