Chison Q5Vet

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Probe Options: D7L50L-A Linear Rectal (7.5MHz)
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Chison Q5V-Ultrasound For Vet Diagnosis | KeeboMed Inc.

Chison Q5Vet is a reliable ultrasound machine known for delivering superb image quality for multi-applications in small and large animal. It comes with latest technology features like spacial compounding, speckle reduction and automatic image optimization. The machine has imaging modes like power Doppler/directional PD, duplex, trapezoidal and chroma, so you can be rest assured to get high quality scans. It is a user-friendly product as it comes with 15” LCD screen, two probe connectors, two USB ports, hard disk etc. This ultrasound machine can conduct direct burning one-button direct print and has excellent transfer capabilities. It can directly transfer scanned images to an interpretation station as it features full DICOM.

If Q5Vet is the ultrasound system which fulfills all your veterinary diagnosis needs. Then contact KeeboMed Inc. as we have a wide collection of this machine. All these systems have been checked for efficiency by our expert technicians. We have an amazing policy of free returns within 30 days.

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