Chison Q8Vet

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Chison Q8Vet Portable Ultrasound Machine | KeeboMed Inc

CHISON Q8 is a fully digital, multi-purpose portable color Doppler ultrasound system. It comes in a compact designs that weigh 10 times less than large ultrasound machines. With its full-featured imaging, the machine delivers high-performance. Q8 has a wide variety of probes, specially designed to capture superior quality images. It is used in various veterinary clinical applications like abdominal scans, cardiology, small parts, tendons etc. This ultrasound machine is preferred by veterinarians who want to upgrade their veterinary practice. Q8 has some of the most sophisticated features like real-time TDI, IMT, TEE scanning. Its DICOM and USB connectivity, double probe connectors and ergonomical design of keyboard makes scanning fast and easy.

KeeboMed Inc. offers a huge collection of Chison Q8Vet at highly discounted rates. For any issues and queries you can call us on our helpline number for assistance. All the ultrasound machines that we provide have been checked for quality by our expert technicians.

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