Chison Q9Vet

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Probe Options: Micro-Convex Probe
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Chison Q9Vet - Veterinary Ultrasound | KeeboMed Inc.

Q9Vet is latest color Doppler ultrasound machine from Chison which is affordable and masterfully designed. This system can be used for examining all kind of animals, especially large animals. Veterinarians who are looking forward to upgrade their medical practices, Q9Vet is one of the best choices for them as it helps to maintain a continuous work flow. It is a high-quality portable Color Doppler machine with a number of technological up-gradations.

At KeeboMed Inc., you can find a wide collection of Chison Q9Vet portable ultrasound systems which have been checked for efficiency and quality by our expert technicians. This machine is the best option for veterinarians as it very flexible and also produces accurate images. Call us if you have any queries or need information related to Q9Vet and one of our friendly customer care executive would provide full assistance. KeeboMed is the only company that offers unique free returns within 30 days.

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