HP S3 / 21311A Sector Array Ultrasound Transducer for HP 4500/5500/7500 (9647 )

Sale price$ 1,421.99


HP S3 21311A Ultrasound Probe for HP 4500/5500/7500 - Sale


Explore professional-grade ultrasound imaging with the HP S3/21311A Sector Array Ultrasound Transducer, tailored for HP 4500/5500/7500 systems. Conditioned to deliver reliable function, each unit is methodically tested and maintained, showing minimal signs of wear. Purchase includes detailed images for accuracy and transparency. Crafted in the USA, Philips brand assures quality and durability for your diagnostic needs.

Condition: Gently used
Brand: Philips
Model: S3
MPN: 21311A
Origin: USA

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