Philips HP Sonos 5500 M2424A Ultrasound W/ S4/ S12/ C3540 /21223B Probes (8060)

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Philips HP Sonos 5500 M2424A Ultrasound with Probes - SALE


Explore the sophisticated Philips HP Sonos 5500 M2424A Ultrasound, complete with S4/S12/C3540 and 21223B probes. Despite being pre-owned, each unit is in excellent working condition, ensuring reliable performance. The equipment may show signs of wear, yet remains fully functional, embodying the standards expected from a premium diagnostic ultrasound machine.

Noteworthy attributes include the B.2.3 Software with its intuitive quickTouch interface, advanced Fsioin imaging for Cardiac and Vascular diagnostics, and essential accessories such as the ECG Cable, VCR, and a Sony printer. This model, known for its precision and user-friendly design, is offered by DIAGNOSTIC ULTRASOUND MACHINES FOR SALE, providing you with exceptional value. Please refer to the seller's listing for an encompassing overview of the product's condition and details.

Brand: Agilient HP
MPN: M2424A
Model: M2424A

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